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Choose Your Intentions. Choose AGAPE LIFE BEADS.

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Thank YOU for supporting theses incredible children through Agape Life Beads! A new charity/community line coming out soon!

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These young warriors, ages 5-10, continue to inspire, amaze and grow with a smile on their face while not being defined by their differences.


wear your intentions

Hand strung lava rocks, from Bali, Indonesia, brass Buddhas, high vibrational stones and crystals connect you with energies you wish to manifest.

Choose the energies you wear.
Surround yourself intentionally.

AGAPE LIFE BEADS, designed with radical intention to lift up the wearer while lifting up the inspiring young female warriors of Bali.

Through my gratitude practice, came full recognition and acknowledgement of the abundance in my life. Starting a for-profit business did not align with the passionately purposeful design of my life: To live with RADICAL INTENTION.


My Radical Intention is:
"Have as much fun as possible, while helping as many people as possible."What’s yours?

As I regularly leave my 'comfort zone', questioning status quo...

I am on a journey involving a lot of passions, gifts, experiences and love. I invite you to join me through my podcast, blog, speaking engagements and humanitarian efforts. I've left my cushy life in NYC not curious about how much more I can have, but how much extra I can share.

With grace, gumption and gratitude,


Gratitude is the light we shine on what we already have, exposing the abundance we always wished for.
— Nicole Milazzo

I'm often asked "Soo.. What DO you DO?"

Basically, I follow my instincts. My mission is to have as much fun as possible, while helping as many people as possible. 

Through every experience, I've learned that some of the best ways for me to be selfish are by being selfless... while sometimes that means being plain selfish (#BecauseMeTime) and even though I have read every book about Mother Teresa, it's not manifested in me BEING Mother Teresa. I've made some pretty good (and AWFUL) decisions that lead me to learning how to create some pretty great financial, spiritual and emotional freedoms. Typically, I have my mitts simultaneously dipping into five humanitarian outreach programs and trying to build a website (or two) for a new idea (or five).

I've been known to waffle between being a yogi... and just being a waffle...

In short... depends on the day.

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