Message from the Founder:

Since I was a little girl, gratitude has been my medicine. Beginning with drawing what I was thankful for, followed by feeling uplifted with these drawings around my room. 

Like many of us, life grew more challenging as I got older. Utilizing consistent gratitude as my medicine, I would write lists of reasons to be grateful, until I felt great(full) about being me, in my skin, in my life, in that moment. Even in the worst circumstances, through my practice of unconditional gratitude, I could ground myself creating a reminder of how lucky I was to be fully present. Sometimes it took only a list of ten things and other times, it would take four pages, but the medicine of gratitude consistently worked.

This practice has since evolved into a meditation. Simply recalling all the things to be grateful for, either aloud or silently to myself. Through this process, I learned something, it's often easy to list 15 or 20 things to be grateful for— family, friends, food, home, etc., but the true medicine/meditation begins when we dig a little deeper. This may involve acknowledging our ancestors, farmers or even the last digit on our pinky finger.

Sharing my grassroots medicine in small groups made way for the encouragement of family and friends from whom I was frequently receiving requests for more, Through this, it became clear this practice was helping people from all backgrounds. I would love to welcome you, to be thankful with me, through the Agape Everyday gratitude podcast. Five minutes a day, five days a week, tune in anywhere, anytime. 

I hope your Agape Everyday practice will bring you as much peace, love and joy as it's brought me. I encourage you to share your appreciation with someone you’re grateful for. They will thank you later!

With peace, love and gratitude,