All photography captured by Nicole's iPhone

I do whatever I feel called to do at any given moment. I follow my instincts and personal truths.  

Through every experience, I've learned that some of the best ways for me to be selfish are by being selfless... while sometimes it just means being plain selfish because the world can be rough and even though I have read every book about Mother Teresa, it's not manifested in me BEING Mother Teresa. I've made some pretty good (and AWFUL) decisions that lead me to some great financial, spiritual and emotional freedoms. Typically, I have my mitts simultaneously dipping into 5 humanitarian outreach programs and trying to build a website (or 2) for a new idea (or 5).

I waffle between being a yogi... and just being a waffle... One could say I flimflam in a sea of flan.

In short... depends on the day.


My Mission

To have as much fun as possible, while helping as many people as possible. 

Power does not come in having more.
It comes in knowing how much extra you have to share.
— Yours Truly

Basic nicole Milazzo Timeline

  • Born in NJ, classic Italian American family sprinkled with a few feisty Irish
  • Moved pretty much every other year of my youth... but that worked out because I literally flunked (or just about flunked) every class... every year
  • Went on to fail all 5 Community College entrance exams
  • Insert traumatic life experiences...
  • Joined, founded or became president of every club, society and organization during my college career
  • Walked grad-school graduation donning those Summa Cum Laude tassels my grandfather always asked about
  • Age 21, Became a butler for a Kosher billionaire
  • Age 23, thought I knew everything, started a business and failed
  • Age 28, gave 60-days notice to my friends, family, colleagues and lover.
  • 60-days later-left on a 1-way ticket to Bali
  • Never looked back with more than a side-eye